Name: Lovis
Age: 20
Country of origin: Germany
Education/work: International relations.

What do you think of the area that you live in?

“I like it very much, it’s like two minutes away from the sea/beach and there are two supermarkets in the area that are like five minutes away, and two trams and two bus lines, so its a very nice and mobile location.”

First thing that comes to mind if you think of the netherlands?


What did you expect from a guest family?

“To really experience Dutch culture.”

What did you expect from the Netherlands?

“I had no idea really, because I think if you don’t live near the Dutch border then you have no idea about the Netherlands, besides that they got good soccer players.”

And what do you think of the netherlands now?

“I like it very much.”

What do you think of the Dutch people?

“The people are very open minded and friendly, and almost everybody speaks English which is pretty unique because in Germany that isn’t the case.”

Did you try any (unknown to you) Dutch treats?

“I really like Pindasaus and stroopwafels and i like licorice/drop, but I don’t like bitterballen.”

What did you miss the most while you were here/in the Netherlands?

“I miss my family and my girlfriend, i also miss german beer and german bread.”

And what are you going to miss when you go back to your country?

“I will miss the people i have met here and i will miss the sea, and i will miss stroopwafels and pindasaus.”

Would you recommend a guest family to other people you know?

“Yes i would.”

Was the experience like you expected it to be like?

“I thought staying in the Netherlands would be more difficult, i dont know why but because i didnt really know anything of the Netherlands i didn’t really know what to expect.”

Is there anything you would have liked to see differently?

“Not really.”

Was the contact with the landlord/landlady pleasent?

“Yes it is, they are very friendly and i can always talk with them, the Landlord is also willing to teach me some Dutch so yes its very pleasant.”

Is there something we/the dutch do that you find/thought was weird?

“When they speak german to me they use certain words that are really weird to me, but that’s just funny and, what’s also weird is how you can just look in everyones home, no curtains that block your view or anything.”

Are you gonna miss your guest family?

“Yes i will.”

Why the Netherlands?

“Purely for this education.”

Why this room?

“I looked at several rooms and went here and i talked with the landlord at the interview, and we liked it eachother and its close to the beach and its a good mobile location.”

What do you think of Holland Homestay?

“I think its a very good idea, i really like that the reply time is really quick.”

Whats the biggest difference between Germany and the Netherlands?

“Dutch people are very direct which you have to get used to.”