Name: Jordan
Age: 22
Country of origin: USA
Education: Marketing (Haagse hoge school)

What do you think of the area that you live in?

“I like it cause its a bit far away from school, so i dont come near the student houses, less distractions.”

First thing that comes to mind if you think of the netherlands?

“The 3 friends of mine who study here.”

What did you expect from the netherlands

“Nothing really.”

And what do you think of the netherlands now?

“It’s nice and i love the public transportation system, we dont have it like that in Kentucky only busses so compared with that this system is great, also the country is pretty clean.”

What do you think of the Dutch people?

“They are friendly and overal pretty open minded and more acceptable to other people.”

Did you try any (unknown to you) dutch treats?

“I like the frikadellen and worstenbroodjes but I don’t like Drop.”

What did you miss the most while you were here/in the netherlands?

“American football”

And what are you going to miss when you go back to your country?

“The public transportation system, and the my friends here.”

Would you recommend a guest family to other people you know?

“Yes i would.”

Is there anything you would have liked to see differently?

“The way you enlist for certain lessons/courses are unnecessary complicated and the fact that you have to sign up for exams which also seems very unnecessary.”

Was the contact with the landlord/landlady pleasent?

“Yes, he is a very nice guy.”

Is there something we/the dutch do that you find/thought was weird?

“The Dutch are friendly but they are really reserved , they aren’t very expressive.”

Are you going to miss your guest family?

“I Probably will.”

Why the netherlands?

“Because of friends of mine.”

Why this room?

“The main reason is because its cheap.”

What do you think of Holland Homestay?

“It’s nice and it really helped me out finding a place quickly.”

Biggest Difference between people from the USA and The Netherlands?

“The Dutch people are less judgemental.”