Name: Grace
Age: 28
Country of origin: Ireland
Work: i teach middle eastern and african politics and history.

What do you think of the area that you live in?

“I love it, and i actually looked specifically for a place here cause i like the area so much.”

What do you think of the area where you work?

“It’s the city centre so yeah it’s okay.”

First thing that comes to mind if you think of the netherlands?

“I think this is the first place where there are stores fully dedicated just to Cheese, so that would be Cheese shops.”

What did you expect from the netherlands?

“Well I only have been in Amsterdam once, so I guess I didn’t know anything about Holland as a country, so I didn’t really know what to expect.”

And what do you think of the netherlands now?

“I like it a lot.”

What do you think of the Dutch?

“Generally I like them very much, they are direct but at least you know if
yes or no. For me it was more of a culture shock because the Irish are more vague and don’t really give a straight answer they just answer questions with questions, so for me it was a bit of a shock at first, the directnes.”

Did you try any (unknown to you) dutch treats?

“I really like stroopwafels and bitterballen i dont like drop though.”

What did you miss the most while you were here/in the Netherlands?

“My friends, one of my good friends recently had a baby and im missing that which is a shame.”

And what are you going to miss when you go back to your country?

“I’m gonna miss the food, and i like certain things about Dutch culture, Dutch people arent very nosey and they are reserved you really need to know them first before they open up to you which i like.”

Would you recommend a guest family to other people you know?

“Yes i would, based on the setup that i got here i would reccomend it, i think it may be better then having your own house because because it can become a bit lonely but when you have the same nice setup as i got with a good balance between Privacy and social interaction then its great.”

What did you expect from a guest family?

“I don’t know if describe the setup here because while the landlady is always around and the houselord is always around its a nice compromise because they still give me my own privacy and i can always talk with them.”

Was the experience like you expected it to be like?

“I was a bit worried at first that i may not have enough privacy but it turned out great, I got the perfect Balance between privacy and social contact.”

Was the contact with the landlord/landlady pleasent?

“Yes it’s very nice.”

Is there something we/the dutch do that you find/thought was weird?

“Cyling like you dont want to live anymore thats definitly very weird, like stopping in the middle of the road and just cutting you off thats a bit weird to me. Also how you can just look through the windows and see everything.”

Are you going to miss your guest family?

“Yes I will.”

Why the netherlands?

“Because i heard very good things about the university of Amsterdam and a friend of my did her education here and she was very positive about it.”

Why this room?

“It’s very comfortable room and a good location and the landlady is very nice plus the price is reasonable.”

What do you think of Holland Homestay?

“I really like it, the quality of the rooms they offer are very good also its very personal which i like.”

Biggest difference with Ireland?

“The biggest difference is the directness and the humor is diffrent, the Dutch arent very expressive so that makes it more difficult to tell when they are being sarcastic.”